March 21, 2019

Fragrance Day 2019

Gabriela Chelariu, Frank Voelkl, Clement Gavarry, Nathalie Benareau, Donna Ramanauskas, Celine Barel, Linda G. Levy, Sabine de Tscharner, Michael Avedon, Jean-Marc Chaillan, Laurent Le Guernec, Patricia Choux, Adriana Medina, Caroline Sabas, Olivier Gillotin, Catherine Selig


Thursday March 21, 2019


The Fragrance Foundation ran a social media campaign highlighting powerful perfumer portraits taken by Michael Avedon, as well as video interviews with perfumers, and consumer giveaways in partnership TFF members. Over 60 Fragrance Foundation brands and retailers celebrated Fragrance Day on social media, reaching a combined reach of over 200 million followers, and a media reach of over 70 million.


Each year The Fragrance Foundation partners with a new artist to collaborate on Fragrance Day to bring a visual element to an important fragrance-related topic. In 2019, The Fragrance Foundation partnered with esteemed photographer Michael Avedon, grandson of Richard Avedon, to photograph 15 perfumers from 7 world-leading fragrance houses.


Celebrate Fragrance Day™ as a global holiday. Unite the fragrance community, retailers and brands to celebrate March 21st with consumers.


Engage consumers through innovative digital and in-store experiences to drive awareness about the artistry and passion of fragrance, and promote sales within the fragrance category.

“Why Does Fragrance Matter?” An Interview With Perfumers


Featured in the 2019 Fragrance Day Campaign

by: Michael Avedon

Gabriela Chelariu


Sabine de Tscharner


Clement Gavarry


Frank Voelkl


Oliver Gillotin


Caroline Sabas


Celine Barel


Jean-Marc Chaillan


Laurent Le Guernec


Patricia Choux


Marie Huguenot


Donna Ramanauskas


Catherine Selig


Nathalie Benareau


March 7, 2019


By: April Long

The countdown to 2019 Fragrance Day – March 21, do not forget – has already begun, but last night’s event at the Italian Trade Commission on the Upper East Side marked its approach with a resounding celebratory bang. Just steps away from a chilly Central Park, guests gathered in a warm, glowing room to view a preview of Perfumers, a series of 15 perfumer portraits photographed by Michael Avedon. As Fragrance Foundation president Linda Levy explained in her welcome speech, these intimate portraits began to roll out on the Fragrance Foundation’s Instagram account on March 6th, along with video interviews, to build anticipation for the big day. “Since it takes an artist to know an artist,” she said, the talented Michael Avedon—whose impressive work has appeared in glossy fashion magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar and CR Fashion Book—was selected to cast his lens on the “very esteemed group of perfumers” in the portraits, all of whom posed with a significant item of their choice. These ranged from a Moroccan rug to a miniature dream catcher, a handful of vetiver to a pair of flamenco dancing shoes—and one very large painting. The perfumers themselves were in attendance to mingle with guests, pose alongside their portraits, and share the compelling, often moving, stories behind the very personal objects they chose to be pictured with. “We really want to shine a light on perfumers, so this is really a magical night for all of us,” Levy said. And indeed, the evening’s celebration provided an exciting glimpse into the Fragrance Foundation’s big plans for the future—and felt like the perfect kick-off toast for what promises to be an inspiring and successful Fragrance Day on March 21st.


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