Frequently Asked Questions

What does The Fragrance Foundation do?

Click here to read our mission, objectives, who we are and what we do.

When do The Fragrance Foundation Awards (FiFi’s) take place?

The Fragrance Foundation Awards historically takes place annually in June in NYC.

When do nominations for The Fragrance Foundation Awards open?

Nominations open January of each year and close mid February.

When do nominations open for The Notables?

Nominations open in September of each year. See past Notables here.

Who is eligible to nominate for The Fragrance Foundation Awards?

Any company, member or non-member, who has launched a fragrance or fragrance product fitting within the specific guidelines of each category is eligible to nominate.

Who votes on nominations for The Fragrance Foundation Awards?

Categories are voted on in 3 different ways: Fragrance Foundation members, an expert panel specific to certain categories, or consumers for the Consumer Choice Awards.

Who is eligible to become a member?

All companies in the fragrance industry in the USA are eligible to submit an application. See membership page to apply.

Who are the current Fragrance Foundation members?

We have 100+ members. Click here to view all members. If your company is a member, each individual employee is a member as well and can enjoy member benefits.

What are my benefits as a Fragrance Foundation member?

See our Member Benefits page here with everything you need to know!

When is Fragrance Day?

Fragrance Day is an annual event on March 21st.

What is Fragrance Day?

See our Fragrance Day page to learn more and see past artist collaborations, retailer & brand activations and how the fragrance community celebrates online and on social media.

When was the Fragrance Foundation started?

The Fragrance Foundation was founded in 1949. Click here to read more about our history!

Who is on the Fragrance Foundation team?

See our TFF team here with photos & contact info!