June 5, 2024

The 2024 Fragrance Foundation Awards

A digital platform for dialogue about fragrance, and the way that it relates to community and culture.

SPOTLIGHT: GINA BOSWELL, Chief Executive Officer & Director, Bath & Body Works

Gina Boswell is a business visionary, inspirational leader, and true Woman of Action who joined Bath & Body Works as Chief Executive Officer and Director in 2022. She is also, wonderfully, a fragrance lover. For this special edition of ACCORDS, she imparts a few secrets of her success, reflects on how important scent is for experiential and emotional impact (both in life and in commerce), and shares why she brought Bath & Body Works membership back to TFF.

SCENTS & SENSIBILITY: Fragrance Day™ 2024 – Driving Consumers to Discover Fragrance

Reaching a crescendo on March 21st, Fragrance Day™ 2024 made its mark on the calendar and in stores all across the USA. It was a festive day for fragrance lovers from perfumers to consumers where everyone who shared a passion for fragrance could come together and celebrate, and for those who are new to fragrance who want to experiment and explore.

WHAT THE NOSE KNOWS- Fragrance Day™ 2024- Food & Fragrance, an Immersive Dinner Experience

As a delightful and delectable countdown to Fragrance Day™, TFF hosted a special dinner event the first week of March, a first for the Foundation, that reimagined Hav & Mar, Marcus Samuelsson’s foodie hotspot, into a fragrance-forward space for one night only.


Our March issue of Accords is a great platform to welcome back Bath & Body Works to TFF & shine a spotlight on Gina Boswell. Gina & I met decades ago, so it is both heartwarming on a personal level as well as professionally exhilarating to reconnect officially in her 2nd year as she leads BBW to bring a huge business to its next level. BBW shares TFF’s objectives & values so together we will be able to reach millions in the USA population expanding #FragranceForwardTFF, highlighting perfumers, educating associates & inspiring all to discover fragrance in new ways.