February 16, 2022

2022 Notables


On February 16th, 2022, The Fragrance Foundation welcomed eleven outstanding individuals to the ever-growing echelon of TFF Notables. This was the first TFF event of the year, and in addition to celebrating this extraordinary group of fragrance world talents, it also proved an opportunity for clear and impactful messaging about the importance of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion to the industry as a whole. 

Jerry Vittoria, Chairman, the Fragrance Foundation, and President, Fine Fragrance Global, Firmenich, opened the digital ceremony with warm congratulations to the Notables Class of 2022, and reiterated TFF’s number one priority: “Last year we launched #FragranceForwardTFF and every board member made an important pledge confirming our industry’s commitment to our DEI objectives,” he stated. “I assure you great progress is being made.” Linda G. Levy, President, The Fragrance Foundation, and Sharné Jackson, Senior Director, The Fragrance Foundation, reinforced this sentiment, with Levy underscoring how the Fragrance Foundation’s mission “to inspire the world to discover the artistry and passion of fragrance” must converge with the greater DEI mission in order to “together guide all of our objectives throughout the year.” Jackson also shared details about TFF’s recently launched Scents of Success career path series, and how the Notables will prove integral to the program as it gains momentum. “It is an educational initiative that involves visits to colleges around the country to showcase professions in the fragrance industry,” Jackson explained, “The Notables will serve as ambassadors to expose young people to a career path that they may not know existed or have access to. These remarkable and talented leaders will have a tremendous impact by inspiring young people about the opportunities in this incredible industry.”

Then it was time for the main event: introducing and lauding the Notables. According to the format of years past, each Notable was introduced by a representative from the company that nominated them, while the Notable recounted their career path highlights with the addition of spotlighting what they personally would do to enforce #FragranceForwardTFF in the future. All heartily committed to the cause, proving that the next generation of the fragrance community will take this mission to heart and truly enact visible change. 

Jason Boland, VP Specialty Fragrance Business Unit MANE was up first, recognizing Notable Amy Caljean, Senior Fragrances Development Manager at MANE, who he said, “has demonstrated all of the qualities that the Fragrance Foundation looks for in a Notable: leadership, creativity, and passion” over the course of her 10-year career journey at the company. Caljean spoke of her commitment to expanding the language of scent, as well as to opening up the industry: “The beauty of fragrance is that it is for all.” 

Jeanine Bernstock, Fragrance Development Director at Firmenich introduced Notable Segolene Dewey, Fragrance Development Manager Firmenich, “a true champion for change” who established the company’s NYC Changemaker Committee, which has since gone global. Dewey shared her devotion to mentoring programs and to “educating external talent about this magical world of fragrance.” 

Aleksandra Mainka, VP, US Luxury Marketing Coty, introduced both Notable Shui Hwang, Senior Marketing Manager, Luxury US Coty, and Notable Alexa Kagan, Senior Brand Manager of Marc Jacobs Fragrances at Coty. She praised Hwang, who has been a key imaginative player in the success of Burberry fragrances, as “a role model of reliability” who “always over-delivers,” and Kagan  , who brought the first-ever Marc Jacobs Pride campaign to life last June, as “someone who brings positivity and energy into the room, and always inspires people to think outside the box.”

Amy Rueckl, Director of Regional Marketing at IFF, introduced Notable Melissa Lombardo, Marketing Manager IFF, commending her unerring ability to spot trends and make them adaptable for every client, while Lombardo herself noted that her life-long obsession with fragrance taught her very early how it can spark memories and touch lives. 

Seth Pasternak, Senior Director New Business Development & Marketing at Robertet lauded Notable Gianni Magliaro, Sales Account Executive, Robertet for his “maturity, intelligence, humility and passion for the job and industry,” and Magliaro, who grew a new business development team from the ground up, vowed, “My goal is to continue to push our industry forward to create, innovate, and to be an inclusive place to work. The fragrance industry is a place everyone can call home.”

Jessica Wolfe, VP Global Account Director at Symrise, called out Notable Vanessa Marques, Senior Project Coordinator, Symrise, for her “amazing can-do attitude and positive demeanor,” with Marques concluding her appreciative speech with, “I am so proud to be a part of an industry that makes people smile through scent and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.”

Constance Georges Picot, Director of Fragrance Creation, Cosmo International Fragrances introduced Florie Tanquerel, Cosmo International Fragrances Perfumer as “a visionary,” while Tanquerel said, “My biggest accomplishment is that through storytelling I can create emotions and bring happiness to people with each scent I design.”

Jelena LeBreton, VP Consumer Insights Takasago sang the praises of Notable Kristin Wiacek, Director Consumer Insights, Takasago, who noted how the pandemic forced her to pivot and see how people began to look at products through a new lens. 

Joanne Bletz, Global Senior Vice President Calvin Klein and Marc Jacobs Fragrances, Coty, hailed Notable Alison Zimmernmann, Global Marketing Director Calvin Klein & Marc Jacobs Fragrances, Coty, for her “thirst for newness,” and Zimmerman said that for her “It is a privilege to work in fragrance, an industry that empowers people in their everyday lives.”

Lastly, Belinda Pickford, VP General Manager  Tom Ford Beauty, Kilian Paris, and Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle, Estée Lauder Companies introduced “natural storyteller” Notable Hassan Benabid, Director of Education Tom Ford Beauty, Kilian Paris, and Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle, Estée Lauder Companies. He spoke earnestly about his passion for scent and how his belief that “bringing joy and happiness is what fragrance is all about” inspires his work and his drive for inclusivity. “It’s not about being a man or a woman, everyone is equal.”

These 11 newly minted Notables will bring their expertise and wisdom to the TFF Notables Think Tank, a brain trust led by Levy and Jackson where ideas for future Fragrance Foundation initiatives are born. And with that optimism and forward momentum in mind, Levy closed out the proceedings with a quick sign-off and a reminder that all will see each other again on Fragrance Day, March 21st

The 2022 Notables – Click below to watch each Notable accept their Award!

Hassan Benabid, Director of Education, Estée Lauder Companies
Amy Caljean, Senior Fragrance Development Manager, MANE
Segolene Dewey, Fragrance Development Manager, Firmenich
Shui Hwang, Senior Marketing Manager, Luxury US, Coty
Alexa Keegan, Senior Marketing Manager, Luxury US, Coty
Melissa Lombardo, Marketing Manager, IFF
Gianni Magliaro, Sales Account Executive, Robertet
Vanessa Marques, Senior Project Coordinator, Symrise
Florie Tanquerel, Perfumer, Cosmo International Fragrances
Kristin Wiacek, Director Consumer Insights, Takasago
Alison Zimmermann, Global Marketing Director, Coty