February 16, 2017

2017 Notables

Lorraine de Malleray, Jacklyn Lee, Jacquelyn Ward, Galliane de Wendel, Justin Welch, Sophia McLoughlin, Jessica Luc, Christine Tilghman, Anna Wilk, Alexandra Hardyment

The Fragrance Foundation’s 3rd Annual Notables Reception honored the future leaders of the fragrance industry over cocktails at the LVMH Magic Room on February 16th.    The class of 2017 comprises a wide spectrum of young executives from leading firms including Chanel, IFF, Symrise, Coty, Inc., Bath and Body Works, Firmenich, AERIN Beauty, Interparfums Luxury Brands, MANE and LVMH.

Lorraine Miche de Malleray, IFF

Most vivid olfactory memory: The smell of not the tomato itself but the little stub that holds the tomato because my father had tomato plants in the Caribbean. All of his shirts are full of this smell. I love it. 

Jacklyn Lee, Christian Dior Parfums

Favorite Plant: The Venus Flytrap comes to mind. 

Jacquelyn Ward, Bath & Body Works

Most vivid olfactory memory: I brought tons of BBW soap when I moved to India and so that was my piece of home – Sweet Pea hand soap. 

Galliane de Wendel, Coty

Most vivid olfactory memory: My countryside in France, especially when arriving in the night – it’s mixed with the smell of the forest and the woods that are nearby and the smell of an old house.

Justin Welch, Firmenich

Favorite Smell: I love the smell of Suntan lotion at the beach

Sophia McLoughlin, Chanel

Favorite Flower: Bougainvillea because I had it in my garden growing up in Morocco 

Jessica Luc, Symrise

Favorite Food: Cookies – chocolate chip

Christine Tilghman, MANE

Most vivid olfactory memory: That fresh smell right after it rains. 

Anna Wilk, Interparfums

First Fragrance:  CKOne, which I stole from my mom’s fragrance cabinet. I loved it. 

Alexandra Hardyment, Aerin Beauty

Favorite Smell:  My newborn baby!