March 18, 2015

2015 Notables

The Fragrance Foundation honored 17 of the industry’s up-and-comers, each with less than eight years experience, all of whom have shown innovation and exemplary leadership skills. These stellar individuals were honored on March 18th, 2015 in the Magic Room at the LVMH Tower in New York City.

April Long, Town & Country

Most Vivid Olfactory Memory: “Honeysuckle takes me back to walking home from school in Kansas down by people’s houses with honeysuckle bushes.” 

Malinda Appel, NEST Fragrances

Favorite Smell: “Vanilla”

Abigail Browarsky, SGD North America

Most Vivid Olfactory Memory: “White Diamonds on my grandmother. It was strong. I was four or five years old and grandma comes to give you a hug. It’s like — ooh.”

Arpi Buzantian, Firmenich

First Fragrance: “I wore a fragrance that my Mom (Firmenich’s Annie Buzantian) developed especially for me around the smell of a pear.”

Caroline Catherine, Symrise

Favorite Flower: “Giroflee. It smells like apricot, it smells like anise. It’s so complex, I love the smell. It’s really the smell of spring.” 

Sweta Doshi, Bath & Body Works

First Fragrance: “CK One. That’s probably a little lie. The first fragrance I wore is probably Sun Ripened Raspberry from Bath & Body Works.” 

Sherry El-Gawly, L’Oreal

Favorite Food: “Burgers” 

Zoe Freedberg, Elizabeth Arden

Favorite Smell: “Vinegar”

Gwenola Gindre, Interparfums

Favorite Food: “I love raclette. With sheep cheese.”

Kristin Girouard

Most Vivid Olfactory Memory: “Whenever I walked into my grandparent’s house, there would always be a roast beef smell. Now, when I walk by delis, I’m transported to my grandparent’s house.” 

Simone Kitchens, Glamour

Favorite Smell: “Skin”

Olivia Kwa, International Flavors & Fragrance

Favorite Flower: “For the smell, I’d have to say rose.”

Melanie Lander

Favorite Food: “I’m a big foodie, I love all food, and I don’t like to discriminate.”

Lindsay Powell Schwartz, Coty

Favorite Flower: “A black dahlia.”

Jessica Prince

First Fragrance: “Juicy Couture”

Jon Ruth

Favorite Food: “Spaghetti and meatballs.”

Amy Rueckl, IFF

Favorite Smell: “Toast”