NEZ, The Olfactory Cultural Movement

The Big Book of Perfume: For an Olfactory Culture (2020)

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This book, published by Nez in English in September 2020, explores perfume in all its facets, delving into the heart of a fascinating yet little-known world. This book lifts the curtain on the best kept secrets of perfumery, answering all your questions about the world of smell. 

Forewords written by Linda G. Levy, President of The Fragrance Foundation and Jean-Claude Ellena.


Nez is an independent group, created by Jeanne Doré (editor), Dominique Brunel (sales/digital) and Mathieu Chevara (art director/business development). Nez was initiated in 2007 with the creation of the online magazine, and over the last few years, it has become a central protagonist of olfactory culture around the world. It operates in 3 main fields:

  • Nez commerce: online sales, book distribution
  • Nez media: online magazine and publishing house
  • Le Bureau olfactif: a creative consulting agency specialized in the perfume industry. 

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