Michael Edwards


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Perfume Legends revolutionised perfumery in 1996. Never before had perfumers spoken openly about their work and the sources of their inspiration. In 2019, Michael Edwards updated his cult book, which uses new research and stunning images to illustrate 52 perfume legends from Jicky to Portrait of a Lady. “There is no other book like it”, wrote celebrated perfumer Edmond Roudnitska. 25 years later, his statement still holds true.  


Buy Now – 20% Discount With Promo Code: FOTW20

What began in 1984 as a sales associate’s guide, listing just 323 fragrances, has been transformed by the avalanche of new fragrances in today’s ‘fragrance bible’. Critic Luca Turin calls it “the only comprehensive, historically accurate, factually reliable and artistically consistent database of fragrance in existence.” The 33rd edition, published in 2019, lists 12,300 niche, luxury, prestige, and celebrity fragrances, classified by Edwards’ unique Fragrance Wheel of families, notes and sub-notes. 


Dubbed “The perfume expert’s expert” by Evelyn Lauder, Michael Edwards has been an innovator, educator and passionate advocate of the fragrance industry for over 30 years. Working closely with perfumers and fragrance developers around the world, Edwards records fragrance history with independence and impartiality; with integrity and accuracy. His database with information on more than 36,000 fragrances has application in perfumery, fragrance retail, marketing, education and journalism around the world.